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Dec 10, 2012 6:00am EST
. andrew ross sorkin is out today. he'll be back tomorrow. president obama and speaker boehner are not commenting about their meeting yesterday, but me members of the parties are continuing the public debate about taxes, spending and the fiscal cliff. republicans want a melt on xwiemtment and tax reform from the president. democrats insist this will not happen until the gop agrees on a tax hike. senator dick durbin saying no deal on the debt without a tax hike of the wealthy. >> i can't tell you, i don't want to do it, the president doesn't want to do it, but we need to solve the problem been we cannot allow the reckless position to drive this economy into another recession. >> some suggesting that it might be better to cave to the president now on taxes and keep up the fight on spending. >> if we were to pass, for instance, raising the top two rate and that's it, all of a sudden we do have the leverage of the debt ceiling and we haven't given that up. >> meantime, one influential voice says enough is enough. >> that's like betting your country. there's something terribly bizarre and j
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am EST
what we know right now. we have just 20 days left for the obama administration and house speaker boehner's office to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. while talks continue privately between both, no public details of progression toward the compromise have been released. in the last hour, our guest, tony fratto who is the former press secretary and jerry bernstein agreed that we would likely get some sort of a deal, just perhaps not in a form that was widely expected. joining us right now is the first of many lawmakers we'll be speaking with today, texas congressman jeb hensarling who is also the incoming chairman of the house financial services committee. and mr. chairman, first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for being with us today. >> happy to do it. >> we hear all of this talk, we hear all the talk that's been leading up to this point. we know it's gone a little quieter at this point. maybe that's a good thing. i also know you've been pretty firm about this. you've said that elections do have consequences. the president is getting
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am EST
being magnified by the markets. president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke by phone on tuesday, exchanging new proposals. the president gave boehner a revised offer on monday, reducing his demand for new tax revenue from $1.6 trillion to $1.4 trillion over ten years. boehner responded with a plan that largely sticks to his original offer a week ago. reports say the white house has told republicans it would include an overhaul of corporate taxes in any budget deal. that hasn't been done before. in an exclusive interview with barbara walters of abc news, president obama says he still expects a deal before the end of the year. >> i remain optimistic that there are enough people of goodwill in this town that recognize our economy will be much better off. american families will be much better off if we get this done. the most important thing we can do is make sure that middle-class taxes do not go up on january 1. and i'm pretty confident that republicans would not hold middle-class taxes hostage to try to protect tax cuts for high-income individuals. >> prediction -- are yo
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am EST
shows how the president has the upper hand. 38% say they trust president obama. that's twice as many as trust speaker boehner, although the 38%, of course, is under 50%. >> 38%. oh, man. but when you look at the potential solutions, does obama have a mandate? we asked that question. you see very big numbers, 68% says he has a mandate to cut taxes for people who earn less than 250k. 65% say he has a mandate to raise taxes on the wealthy while cutting spending. both elements are important. and when you ask about eliminating the bush tax cuts for people who make more than 250,000, 59% say he has a mandate to do that. so the president clearly has the whip hand in the negotiations, but, of course, members of congress don't respond to national polls. they're fought elected nationally like the president. they're responding to their districtes and that's why we have a different number to solve. >> i saw a number on nightly last night that was sadly low. we try to make something out of it. who would you blame if we go over? and it was 19 to 24. that was weird, wasn't it? that's where -- >> well,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4